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Aerial Photography

Aerial imagery provides at any point in time, a photograph ( data or record ), of the surface of the earth, and is used and relied on  by all entities that manage or interact with the natural and built environments. Aerial imagery provides a common language to help communicate complex concepts or problems to developers, planners, decision makers and society at large. “Google Earth” is probably the best known example of these basic concepts.


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Some applications of aerial imagery include:

  • State and Federal Governments use aerial imagery to help monitor and manage environmental change
  • Local governments use aerial imagery to improve town planning
  • Mining companies use aerial imagery to help quantify and manage disturbance and rehabilitation as well measure stockpiles
  • Engineers rely on aerial imagery to draft optimal route location and design for major infrastructure projects
  • Emergency services and insurers rely on rapid-response aerial imagery to help assess damage caused by natural disasters and plan future mitigation strategies.